RABAT Cheap Michael Jordan Jersey , April 17 (Xinhua) -- Morocco expects its cereal harvest to hit a 10.2 million tons, an increasing of 203 pct in cereal harvest year-on-year.

The forecast was made on Monday by agriculture minister Aziz Akhannouch in a meeting at the eve of the opening of the annual International Agriculture Fair in the northern city of Meknes.

In 2015, a severe drought hit the country, which compromised the 2016 agriculture production, and on the top of which cereal harvest.

Agriculture accounts for more than 15 percent of the north African country's gross domestic product (GDP).

The good rainfall since October has helped Morocco's economy grew by 4.3 percent in the first quarter of this year compared with 1.7 percent in the same period of previous year Zach LaVine Jersey , according to the official High Commission for Planning.

The commission said in a note on the Moroccan economy that this growth was mainly due to the rise in agricultural output by 12.9 percent in the first quarter this year, up from nine percent last year.

Morocco's International Agriculture Fair, which invited Italy as its guest of honor, will be held on April 18-23.

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BEIJING Michael Jordan Jersey , May 10 (Xinhua) -- While it remains unclear exactly how long China's first lunar explorers will spend on the surface, the country is already planning for longer stays.

Eight Chinese volunteers will live in ""Yuegong-1,"" a simulated space ""cabin"" in Beijing for the next year, strengthening China's knowledge and technical know-how, and helping the country's scientists understand exactly what will be required for humans to remain on the moon in the medium and long terms.

The volunteers Cheap Chicago Bulls Jerseys , all civilians and elite postgraduate students from Beihang University, are divided into two groups. The first four stepped into Yuegong-1 on Wednesday. The two men and two women will stay in the cabin for 60 days, then be replaced by the second group, also two men and two women, who will stay there for 200 days. After that Denzel Valentine Jersey , the first group will return for the remaining 105 days.

The experiment, code-named ""Yuegong-365,"" is Beihang's second attempt to see how the Bioregenerative Life Support System (BLSS) works in a moon-like environment. A successful 105-day trial was conducted in 2014.

The BLSS is a system where animals, plants and microorganisms co-exist. Water and food can be recycled in the system, creating an earth-like environment.

""The BLSS is absolutely crucial to probes to the moon and to Mars Robin Lopez Jersey ,"" said Liu Zhiheng of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. ""The latest test is vital to the future of China's moon and Mars missions and must be relied upon to guarantee the safety and health of our astronauts.""

Liu Hong, chief designer of ""Yuegong-1,"" said that the purpose of the new program is to test the stability of the BLSS when astronauts with different metabolic rates take turns to live in the cabin and when they face sudden situations such as blackouts.

""Yuegong-1"" consists of a major living space and two plant cabins: ""greenhouses."" The major cabin covers 42 square meters the size of a very small urban apartment while each of the plant cabins is 3.5 meters high and 50 to 60 square meters in area. The major cabin hosts four bed cubicles, a common room, a washroom Kris Dunn Jersey , a waste-treatment room and an animal-raising room. The system allows four ""astronauts"" to conduct research while their basic needs are met.


WASHINGTON: The United States and Europe targeted Russia's key financial, arms and energy sectors on Tuesday (July 29) with tough new sanctions in response to Moscow's intervention in the Ukraine crisis.

Announcing the measures, US President Barack Obama denied that the West had begun a new Cold War against its former Soviet foe, but urged his counterpart Vladimir Putin to reverse course. He warned the new sanctions would hurt a Russian economy which is already stumbling towards zero growth. He also said Washington had proof that Russian artillery had fired on Ukrainian forces.

Obama added the allies are now more determined to act together in the wake of the shooting down over Ukraine this month of a Malaysia Airlines jet by Russian-armed separatists.

"Even before our actions today, nearly $100 billion in capital was expected to flee Russia Cameron Payne Jersey ," Obama warned. "Russia's energy, financial and defence sectors are feeling the pain. Projections for Russian economic growth are down to near zero."

While the sanctions are designed to hit key sectors of Moscow's economy hardest, and the circle off oligarchs in Putin's inner circle, there were warnings that Europe's own economy would suffer too.

The euro fell to its lowest level against the dollar on Tuesday as markets realized that Brussels was on a collision course with Europe's biggest source of energy and a major trading partner.

The US Treasury singled out VTB Bank, its subsidiary Bank of Moscow and Russian Agricultural Bank as three institutions joining the existing sanctions regime against Russia.

Sanctions will also target Russia's state-owned United Shipbuilding Corporation Justin Holiday Jersey , which builds attack submarines and surface warships, some of them for export to Moscow's overseas military partners.

Europe's sanctions will notably make it tougher for Russian state-owned banks to access European financial markets, forcing .