XINING Marko Rog World Cup Jersey , Dec. 23 (Xinhua) - Luxury SUVs are particularly favored by residents of Tongren County in Qinghai Province, northwest China. Local businessmen use the spacious vehicles to transport their thangka paintings to buyers.

Four villages in the county -- Senggeshong, Nyanthok Marko Pjaca World Cup Jersey , Gomargar and Karsari -- are the birthplace of the Regong branch of thangka art, one of the most popular. Thangka is a traditional style of Tibetan Buddhist scroll painting.

Toyota Land Cruisers, as well as Audi Q7 and Q5s are common on the street of Tongren Mario Mandzukic World Cup Jersey , which is administered by Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. Brand new houses and abundant luxury vehicles are the purchases of choice for the nouveau riche in the once quiet Tibetan villages.

"The four villages have some of the country's finest thangka artists, with some paintings fetching extremely high prices. A single large painting by a thangka master can go for 30 million yuan (4.6 million U.S. dollars) at auction," said Ruan Yuancheng Marcelo Brozovic World Cup Jersey , an official with Regong culture environment protection area, which manages the preservation of thangka art and culture.

In the last few years, thanks to government support and growing interest in the art both home and abroad Luka Modric World Cup Jersey , thangka art is turning a pretty penny in these villages.

France, the United States and Australia.


Many artists have begun to worry about the downside of the art form's popularity

"We have seen dangerous signs in the last two years. Some painters use water color in place of natural mineral pigments, such a practice shall not be tolerated Lovre Kalinic World Cup Jersey ," said Ruan Yuancheng.

Local craftsmen and painters plan to form an association to better enforce self-discipline and appraise the quality of paintings.

Those who produce substandard paintings will be excluded from the association and not allowed to attend cultural gatherings, Ruan said.

Local artists hope they can maintain the popularity of their paintings and use the Internet to sell their paintings.

"We have been using our personal connections to sell thangkas to buyers in European countries. We hope that more government-level exchanges will help us exploit the foreign market," said Shau Tsenten.

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