Is Breast Augmentation in Los Angeles Safe? Health Articles | August 7 Sterling Shepard Womens Jersey , 2012
As a Los Angeles breast augmentation expert who practices in the greater Los Angeles area and near Beverly Hills, I often get asked if I would recommend silicone breast implants to my wife. Frankly, many national studies have established the safety of silicone breast implants and have found no link to the development of autoimmune disease, cancer, etc.

Plastic surgery has made it possible to transform just about every body part of the body. For women that want larger breasts, there exists breast augmentation surgery. Through this breast enlargement procedure, breast implants are placed under the breast tissue or chest muscle to increase breast size. The best candidates for this procedure are women that are healthy and have small breasts or have lost their fullness after pregnancy or weight loss.

Women may choose to undergo breast enlargement for several reasons. Although breast implants in Los Angeles are also used for reconstructive purposes, the most popular reason is for cosmetic reasons. Some women may be happy with their breasts but just want them to have a fuller look. Weight loss, aging, and breast feeding can change the shape and size of breasts. This can lead to women seeking breast augmentation. Breast implants are used to improve breasts by giving them a more proportional shape and improve self esteem. Before you decide on getting breast implants, you should research the procedures available, the procedures used, and the complications that can occur.

The best candidates for breast augmentation in Los Angeles are women who are bothered by the feeling that their breasts are too small. Other good candidates are women that feel self-conscious wearing a swimsuit or form-fitting top. Often times, women will see that the clothes that fits well around their hips are usually too large around the bustline. Women that have lost volume and firmness in their breasts after having children and breast feeding are also good candidates for breast augmentation surgery. Some women lose size and shape of their breasts as a result of significant weight loss and others will notice that one breast is noticeably smaller than the other because of genetics.

Be prepared to discuss your medial history with your doctor. You will also be asked about your desired breast size and other characteristics about the breast that you feel are important. This information will help your surgeon understand your expectations and determine whether your goals can be achieved. Your plastic surgeon will examine your breasts and most likely take photographs to put in your medical file. Some of the most important factors that your plastic surgeon will consider are breast size and shape, skin quality, and placement of your nipples and areolas. If your breasts are sagging, your plastic surgeon may recommend a breast lift in combination with breast augmentation.

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