Plate rollers are the important equipment used in any industry to form metal pieces of specific size Authentic Jay Beagle Jersey , shape and thickness. There are many different industrial uses of metal plates where the thickness of the plates matters more than any other specification. Sometimes, metal plates of larger thickness are needed, while some other purposes need thinner metal plates.

A plate roller is used to roll the metal and produce the desired thickness. The metals that are commonly used in plate roller or sheet metal machinery are steel, copper, brass, nickel, titanium and tin. There are some decoration purposes where precious metals such as gold and silver are also used.

How a Plate Roller Functions

The basic purpose of using a plate roller is to form a metal plate of desired thickness, i.e. the original thickness of the metal is converted to the desired thickness. The rolling procedure can be accomplished in two ways. First, one-step rolling, and second, multi-step rolling.

One-step Rolling

This plate rolling procedure involves a straight and simple rolling method of compressing the metal piece until its thickness becomes perfect for the project. If deep and long rolling is required for some deep shaped objects, the metal pieces are heated prior to rolling. Some good examples deep shaped objects are metal cans and advanced kitchen tools.

There are many industrial applications where the one-step plate rolling mechanism is used to roll metal sheets to attain required thickness, length and width. The rolled metal plates are further used in other projects, i.e. the rolled products are again used to form finished products.

Multi-step Rolling

Multi-step rolling, as the name indicates, involves multiple times of rolling of the metal plate. The metal piece is first heated and sent through multiple rollers and die forms in order to achieve the desired specifications (length, width, thickness and complete shape). This is a more complex rolling mechanism that involves a series of rolling procedures to form the finished product at once. The multi-step rolling mechanism is used to change the complete shape of the metal plate rather than just length, width or thickness.

Some of the examples of multi-step plate rolling may include guard rails applied on the curves of roadways and sheet metal roofing where the metal pieces are tooled and fitted together to protect the rooftop from rain and snow.

When applying plate rolling, one of the most important considerations is the speed of the rollers. The speed at which the metal plate is to be sent through the rollers depends on the type of the metal and the number of rollers to be used. During rolling, some metals tend to bend or distort in shape due to constant pressure. To avoid this, many tool manufacturing companies use some lubricants. A perfect rolling in combination with proper lubrication can result in a perfectly shaped finished product.

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Make Mens Cotton Drawstring Pants Part Of Your Backpacking Gear May 17, 2014 | Author: Jaclyn Hurley | Posted in Fashion
Your airplane ticket has been bought and you’re gearing up to go backpacking for the first time. Now you just need to decide which clothes to pack. You need something comfortable for travel days, lounging in a hammock or for those treks through the jungle. However, you also need something that you can confidently wear in a club or a restaurant. You probably think that jeans are the perfect choice but seasoned backpackers have learned long ago already that they shouldn’t leave home without mens cotton drawstring pants.

When you think of drawstring pants, you probably think of two varieties. One is the wide and loose type made of a white muslin type of fabric so thin that you can see right through them. The other is the type with stripes in different bright colors, favored by NGO workers and people with dreadlocks. However, there are many different styles and colors to choose from. You can even buy a more tailored type with many pockets, similar to cargo pants.

One of the main reasons why backpackers choose lighter trousers rather than jeans is that they’re less bulky. They take up very little space in any backpack, unlike jeans. They also weigh much less, which is good news since you don’t want to drag around a backpack that weights about as much as a baby elephant.

Another reason why backpacking veterans leave the jeans at home is that it takes so long for them to dry. There will be times when you get caught in the rain or when you have to hand-wash your clothes and you’ll have wet trousers. If they’re made of a light fabric, they’ll dry within only a couple of hours, while jeans will probably still be damp the next day.

You don’t want to walk around in damp trousers because this can cause painful chafing. This is also why jeans are a bad idea if you’re backpacking in a hot and humid climate. You’ll be sweating quite a lot and your jeans will never really feel dry. Light and loose-fitting pants are cool and comfortable and they won’t chafe your skin.

Jeans are certainly versatile but if you choose your drawstring pants wisely, you’ll be able to wear them anytime, anywhere. The slightly tailored type is the easiest to dress up and they’re also strong enough to wear when you’re trekking through the wilderness or trying adventure sports. However, the loose type can look stylishly smart-casual with the right shirt too and you can sleep in them as well.

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