Gastric bypass is one of the types of bariatric surgery which prevents the weight gain by limiting the absorption of nutrients and calories. This surgery is done under general anesthesia and a hospital stay of 3 or more days is required. The surgery is used as the last resort when weight loss has not been possible by diet or exercising. It is typically used in case of overweight individuals who face problems in their day to day tasks.There are many weight loss surgeries however Sony Michel Patriots Jersey , gastric bypass surgery is preferred by many surgeons on account of its simplicity and possibility of less complications. However, this surgery is not completely risk free and it can cause serious risks and side effects.Conditions when Gastric Bypass surgery is performedMain aim of Gastric bypass surgery is to lose weight and to reduce possibility of complications like Gastroesophageal reflux disease, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, Type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea.

Suitability Gastric bypass surgery is suitable for those individuals who are obese and have BMI over 30. Overweight individuals who are suffering from weight related problems, hypertension and type 2 Diabetes also qualify for this surgery. Individuals have to undergo an extensive screening procedure to check whether they are suitable for the surgery. Even after the surgery, there are long follow up periods and maintaining healthy lifestyle with exercising and diet is mandatory.

Potential Health risksNo surgery is risk free. Gastric bypass surgery is not an exception. It is associated with some short term as well as long term risks. Short term risks include excessive bleeding, infections and adverse impact of anesthesia. In some cases, blood clots may be formed which may travel to lungs and cause breathing problems.Long term effects include hernia, obstruction in bowel movement or diarrhea and vomiting. In some cases, the surgery may cause stomach ulcers and perforation. As the nutrient absorption capacity of the body is hampered, a person may suffer from malnutrition.

Types of bariatric surgery :

1. Roux-en-Y: - This is most common type of gastric bypass surgery and is administered by reducing the size of the stomach. The top part of stomach is sealed from the rest of stomach and directly connected to small intestines. It not only results in lesser intake of food but accelerates the process of digestion because of direct connection with intestines. In this method, food is bypassed of most of the stomach part.

2. Biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch:-This is a comparatively complex procedure in which 80% of the stomach is removed. In this process the intestines are bypassed by connecting the end part of intestines to the duodenum. It is usually used when MBI is higher than 50.

3. Laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding (LAGB):-In this procedure, a gastric band is inserted in the stomach which divides the stomach into two parts. When the band is inflated, it brings about compression of stomach and reduces intake of food. This is less complex procedure but the band has to be adjusted periodically. It may lead to comparatively less weight loss than other surgeries.

4. Vertical banded gastroplasty: - This procedure is also known as stomach stapling and divides stomach into two parts. This method is not much popular because it doesn’t bring about much weight loss.

5. Vertical Sleeve gastrectomy: - In this procedure, structure of stomach is shaped like a tube to restrict food intake.

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