By Abdul Haleem

KABUL Cheap Mohamed Salah Jersey , May 12 (Xinhua) -- "The poverty and idleness have left me no choice but to leave the country and find a job abroad to support my family in Afghanistan," Najibullah, 29, told Xinhua recently.

Waiting in a queue behind the gate of the Iranian Embassy here to apply for a visa, Najibullah, who like many Afghans Cheap Marko Grujic Jersey , goes by one name, said that he had looked for a job in his home province of Kunduz over the past three years, but all in vain.

"My first destination is Iran, if fortune sides with me in finding a job with a reasonable income I would stay there, otherwise I would move to Europe," the job-seeking Afghan said.

Although there are no official statistics about the number of jobless people in Afghanistan and the rate of unemployment in the conflict-ridden country Cheap Mamadou Sakho Jersey , Basir Noori, a spokesman for the National Union of Afghanistan Workers, in talks with Xinhua said that 60 percent of 12 million eligible workers of Afghanistan's population of 30 million people are suffering from unemployment.

Around the city squares in Kabul and other Afghan cities can clearly be seen the rising tide of joblessness, with scores of people just hanging around hoping to get hired.

The poverty and challenge of unemployment can be gauged from such scenes as whenever a person needs a worker, dozens of jobless people surround him and offer to work for a cheaper price than the next man.

Like Najibullah, scores of youth and elderly people are almost daily visiting the Iranian and Pakistani embassies to apply for visas to exit their country in hope of finding a lucrative job and peaceful life elsewhere.

"I come from central Daikundi province and I want to go to Iran for work Cheap Lucas Leiva Jersey ," Ghulam Hussain, 32, told Xinhua.

"Daikundi is a very poor province, we don't even have asphalted roads to take our products to the markets," Hussain who is a mason by profession said, adding even there is no asphalted road to connect Daikundi to Kabul.

"Earning a little money is better than nothing Cheap Loris Karius Jersey ," Hussain whispered,adding that like millions of Afghans who have been living in Iran and Pakistan over the past several years with their own income, he was sure he could find a job there to support his family in Afghanistan.

More than four million registered and unregistered Afghans are still living in Afghanistan's neighboring states of Iran and Pakistan,although more than 5.7 million Afghan refugees have returned home since 2002.

Protracted instability and conflicts have added to economic instability and unemployment in Afghanistan where 36 percent of people are living under poverty line.

"I am leaving my country because of poverty and unemployment and not because of war. Daikundi is a peaceful province and there is no Taliban to create law and order problems," Hussain said, adding Cheap Lazar Markovic Jersey , "I am an economic migrant."

Scores of Afghans have lost their lives on their way abroad in hope of finding a better life.

More than two dozen Afghans in the hope of reaching Europe lost their lives when their ferry sunk in Turkish waters in October 2014.

Just a couple of weeks ago, eight Afghans who were attempting to sneak into Iran illegally, according to media reports, were killed by smugglers. And several Afghan nationals were among 14 migrants who perished in a rail accident in Macedonia in late April.

"I am aware of the risk, I have no choice here at home but to leave the country to find a job and help myself and my family to survive.I also want my children to study," another Iran visa seeker Karimullah told Xinhua.

"I won't leave Afghanistan if I earn at least 10 Cheap Kevin Stewart Jersey ,000 afghani ( 170 U.S.dollars) here monthly," the would-be economic migrant said.

Indiana Pacers Tickets 芒鈧€?Switching Gears

Author: Derek Cowsert


It must seem to those fans in possession of Indiana Pacers tickets脗聽 that the wheels have truly come off of their team. This was a team that once showed great promise. It was full of All-Star players with a playoff-tested coach. This team was considered a contender in the East no more than a few short years ago. So what happened? At what point did this team of All-Stars turn into a team in the middle of rebuilding effort? When did these perennial contenders become a team that can芒鈧劉t even make the playoffs in the lowly Eastern Conference? When did it get so bad, and more importantly, what must the Pacers do to right this sinking ship?

To answer the first question is simple, at least if you ask fans who are have been buying Indiana Pacers tickets for years. The beginning of the end was the infamous brawl in Auburn Hills. There are Pacers fans who treat this incident like the Curse of the Bambino, and they legitimately feel that this event has cast a long shadow of misfortune over their team. Not even the team芒鈧劉s jettisoning of the two men most actively involved in the melee Cheap Jordan Henderson Jersey , Stephen Jackson and Ron Artest, seems to have helped matters of chemistry or team karma. This offseason, rumors are rampant that the team is seeking to get rid of their final All-Star from the team that was once a contender 芒鈧€?Jermaine O芒鈧劉Neal.

What will happen to the Pacers next year is absolutely anyone芒鈧劉s guest. They drafted well this year, but they unfortunately only had one pick in the second round, and Brandon Rush isn芒鈧劉t exactly going to set the world on fire next season in the NBA. The Pacers also traded Jermaine O芒鈧劉Neal to the Raptors for T.J. Ford. So now, the question still remains Cheap Jon Flanagan Jersey , were do the Pacers go from here?

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