PARIS Jerry Rice Jersey , Sept. 26 (Xinhua) -- The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) on Tuesday provisionally suspended the WADA accreditation of the National Anti-Doping Organization of France in Chatenay-Malabry, suburb of Paris, due to ""analytical issues"" self-reported by the Laboratory.

""The provisional suspension, which took effect on 24 September 2017, prohibits the Paris Laboratory from carrying out any anti-doping activities, including all analyses of urine and blood samples,"" read a WADA statement, while not specifying details concerning the Laboratory.

According to media reports, the issues originated from sample contamination. One positive sample from a bodybuilder contaminated two other samples with steroid, proving that the cleaning on testing machine was not sufficient to prevent the contamination.

""The provisional suspension will remain in place pending disciplinary proceedings being carried out by an independent Disciplinary Committee,"" said WADA.

""During the period of the provisional suspension, samples that have not yet been analyzed by the Paris Laboratory; samples currently undergoing a confirmation procedure; and, any samples for which an Adverse Analytical Finding has been reported; must be securely transported to another WADA-accredited laboratory,"" it added.

The Paris Laboratory was previously acknowledged for its contribution to anti-doping. About 13,500 samples were tested in the Laboratory last year.

It was set to undertake the testing mission after Paris was awarded the hosting right of the 2024 Olympic Games.

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Trophies are the method to show appreciation to anyone who has done something remarkable. Trophies are given in a number of different events such as academic events, corporate functions and also the same can also be used as sports trophies what are most common way of praising the abilities of the player who won the game.

Trophies are made up of several types of materials for example gold, silver, crystal, glass, iron, wooden, bronze and several other types of materials. Different types of trophies are attrbuted to various types of games and also have its own group of features. Probably the most common kinds of trophies are stated as below.

– Crystal Trophies: This kind of a material is the greatest option to make a trophy. Trophies made of crystal material are thought to become as elegant awards because the material has the properties and qualities of the diamond. The process of making trophies from crystal involves the cutting from the material and then moulding it based on the shape of the trophy. Crystal made trophies are quite expensive and are utilized in big events. You are able to customize these trophies with a laser etching the specific winner onto it.

– Acrylic Trophies: Acrylic is a material which bears resemblence to glass and it is among the clearest materials which if measured when it comes to percentage can be declared as 93% clear. As compared to glass, acrylic is simpler to mould this will let you less breakage tendency. Acrylic made sports trophies are elegantly designed and therefore are force resistant and awards made up of acrylic could be customized by engraving the name or other quote on the award.

– Metal Trophies: Trophies can also be made from other metals for example bronze, gold, silver, steel, iron and platinum. Probably the most popular material is iron and bronze. Generally, trophies comprised of bronze are coated with gold or silver material in order that it provides a look of a gold or silver made trophy. Trophies comprised of these materials are quite long lasting and can’t be broken that easily. Furthermore, the issue of shaping the metal is also no problem because these metals could be moulded into any size and shape based on the choice and theme from the event.

-Glass Trophies: Glass mde trophies are less frequent as sports trophies because of the breakage factor. Above this, trophies made from glass material can be given any shape and the best part is that it can be made in any colour of your decision. Like every other material, glass too, can be customized by engraving the recipient’s name or the name from the sport onto it.

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