The EnerSys (Hawker) Cyclon battery is a battery brand name which utilizes real lead sealed cell technology which was first created in 1973 by the Gates Corporation. Technically Scooter Gennett Jersey , it is a valve regulated lead-acid battery having a cylindrically-wound body that is created from a grid that's produced the purest possible lead and tin alloy. It's famous for being one of the handful of battery manufacturers that use lead-acid technology.

The technology driving the Cyclon battery gives unique, long-term characteristics and advantages which make them exceptional over their competitors. They are shown below:

1) Outstanding power thickness and consistency - Cyclon technology allows the battery to create more power at lower costs than comparable preserve energy generation items. It works better if it is set discharge at greater rates and pulses within or under 100 minute energy generation periods. Its greater volumetric capacity allows engineers and power generation designers to choose better energy-producing configurations and smaller, handy designs.

2) Longer cycle life - An EnerSys (Hawker)Cyclon battery is effective at supplying up to three hundred cycles, at 100 % depth of discharge (DOD). This is because of its pure lead design that allows it to perform at 50 to 200 percent greater total cyclical capability; competitor lead battery supplies, on the other hand, develop lesser capacities since they are just rated at about 200 complete cycles. Cyclon brand batteries are also loaded with a built-in venting characteristic that allows it to handle high interior strains, which guards them from “drying out” from repeated charging sessions.

3) Float or standby life -Cyclon batteries are dependable because they can be stored for long periods and still can be quickly used. In comparison to standard sealed-lead battery products that are simply viable from 3 years to 6 years (constantly kept at 20°C), Cyclon single-cell batteries may be used for up to a decade at 25°C, and fifteen years at 20°C.

4) Great steady voltage output - Cyclon batteries create high stable currents due to their lower-than-usual inner resistance. This feature together with the batteries’ reduced current discharge profile, contributing to the batteries being more effective and readily able to emit their save energy. Their pure lead design also enables these batteries to give out more watts for every unit of their overall weight at a continuously great discharge rating.

5) Safer to operate - EnerSys (Hawker) Cyclon batteries, both monobloc and single-cell styles, are known for being safe and reliable despite continuous use. They simply send small amounts of gas, or even nothing at all, since they were being charged the regular way. This makes them safe to use for hospitals, passenger aircraft storage, workplaces, and other places where individuals generally gather. They even have garnered the recognition of Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

6) Able to function below extensive temperature ranges - A Cyclon battery is so constructed so it permits to outlive tough weather conditions. At hot temperature levels, the 100% lead design of the battery enables it to withstand the chemical side effects that causes damage in other types of batteries. The metal jacket or can structure and high pressure vent of a Cyclon single-cell battery enables it to withstand the substantial lowering of internal pressure that takes place in regular lead batteries. In addition, the Cyclon make of batteries can deliver 2 times the graded capacity of their typical sealed-lead rivals at freezing temperatures (around -20°C and below), making them ideal for cold places. Furthermore, being made out of slimmer lead plating, they offer a broader surface reaction region compared to fuller plated batteries. This allows a Cyclon single-cell battery to charge quicker - at around a fourth of the expected time - than regular sealed-lead battery products, resulting in about 50 to 100 percent better all around functionality at comparable fees.

7) Tough and rugged style - EnerSys (Hawker) Cyclon batteries are better equipped to withstand heavy and rough usage due to their durable outer design and their 100% lead interiors. Their support frames are rated UL 94V-0, which is a sure sign of their toughness and durability. They are crafted in fire resistant steel casings; the batteries are likewise resistant to unexpected vibrations and movement. These characteristics make Cyclon batteries specially suitable for numerous external and outdoor uses.

Whatever your preserve energy requirements may be, there's certainly an EnerSys (Hawker) Cyclon battery (either in single-cell or monobloc variants) that will surely fit your needs. They're not only effective and longer-lasting, but they are tough and durable as well.
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