by Kimathi Kamau

NAIROBI Old Skool Suede , Nov. 8 (Xinhua) -- Mary Keitany, Kenya's two-time London winner is still basking in the glow of her resolute New York conquest last Sunday that served both as a moving personal triumph on her comeback.

The New York victory saved face for elite marathon running still reeling from compatriot and fellow female highflyer Rita Jeptoo's failed A-sample test for EPO.

It was the friendly athletes' perfect answer to a waiting world on her ability to storm back to the high table of World Marathon Majors after missing the entire 2013 to welcome her second born Samatha and above all, it ended her Big Apple title heartache at her third time of asking.

Keitany's 2:25:07 victory in extremely windy and cold conditions will not be remembered for blistering times she's reputed for, but for being gladly welcomed with open arms by athletics purists worldwide for two reasons.

It was her first race over the meanest 42.195km distance since finishing fourth at London 2012 Olympics where she was expected to strike gold in a redeeming act for her embellished reputation after electing to take a maternal break, a truly heart-warming story that sprinkled human touch in a fiercely competed sport.

Coming against the gloomy backdrop of Jeptoo's doping stunner that sparked international outrage Old Skool Leather , casting aspersions on a nation with a strong distance running heritage, Keitany spared the sport further unwelcome scrutiny when she edged Jemimah Sumgong for the crown by three seconds, tying for the closest finish to a women's race in New York in history following 2004 when another Kenyan, Susan Chepkemei lost out to Britain's great Paula Radcliffe by the same wafer thin margin.

Sumgong is a training partner of Jeptoo at Rosa Associati management camp in Kenya with the two sharing Italian coach, Claudio Berardelli Old Skool Pink , who alongside his boss and agent Federico Rosa, were quick to disassociate links with the provisionally suspended star.

A New York victory for Sumgong would have kicked-off a fresh damning inquest notably in Western media that is want to question booming performances by Kenyan runners as much as they celebrate their feats.

Having learned of the scandalous development moments ahead of her pre-race press conference dominated by Jeptoo's failed drug test, Keitany, 32, did not hide her disdain upon returning home Old Skool Red , calling for stern action against doping by an Athletics Kenya (AK) accused of leniency in tackling the matter.

"Victory came as the country's athletics program is under scrutiny. The women's field received a jolt Friday with the news that Rita Jeptoo of Kenya, the winner of the 2013 and 2014 Boston and Chicago Marathons, tested positive for a banned substance in an A sample.

The triumph was even sweeter when her well calculated breakaway four miles when the course had turned away from wind rendered Firehiwot (sixth) and Kiplagat (13th) non-contenders setting up the titanic combat with Sumgong whom after initially trailing by a few paces in the last mile, summoned all reserves from her superior speed to finally prevail.

Keitany has trained her gaze at becoming the first woman since local idol Radcliffe to notch a London hat-trick and the fourth in race history following pioneering three-peat champions Norway's Ingrid Kristiansen and German Katrin Drre-Heinig.

"I'm now fully back and my body is responding well and I thank my family for enabling me to prepare well. After resting since the conditions were bad, I can focus to train for the London marathon in April and get back my title."

For now Old Skool Black , it's all about toasting the New York victory that provided the desired headlines for a country that needed a quick lift from the distressing Jeptoo saga by salvaging the reputation of the nation and sport.

Film poster for Interstellar. Worm hole mode for space travel. Still photo of "tesseract", a five-dimensional space, in the movie Interstellar. The black hole as seen in the movie Interstellar is said to be the most scientifically accurate black hole envisaged on film.

Interstellar has been a big hit since its release in China on Nov 12, 2014. Like a violent gust of wind, the film has swept every corner of China Old Skool White , as people everywhere are heatedly debate conceptions like space travel, worm holes and five-dimensional space that the director Christopher Nolan has conveyed. No other movie had ever succeeded in creating such a mass science fiction hit like Interstellar, nor did last year's blockbuster, Gravity, manage to do that.

Nolan's film is inclined to puzzle the audience. Just like his previous film Old Skool Shoes , Inception, it's quite difficult for audiences to understand what messages the director is really conveying. This time, Interstellar is no exception. It remains as a puzzle for many audiences even after seeing the movie. With the famous astrophysicist Kip Thorne as one member of the creative team, the film is based on solid scientific theory foundation, but is unfortunately too obscure and abstract for common people to understand.

Here we list five keywords that you must learn for you to better enjoy the film.

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law is an epigram that is typically stated as: anything that can go wrong will go wrong. In a broader prospect Old Skool , it can be understood as that whatever can happen, will happen. In the film, Murphy is the name of character Cooper’s daughter. Somehow, it implies that the girl is doomed to solve the equation of gravity and rescue the human race.

"Lazarus" mission

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