SOFIA, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- Bulgaria's total hourly labor costs rose by 8.4 percent year-on-year in the third quarter of 2016, preliminary data of the National Statistical Institute (NSI) showed here on Tuesday.

The total hourly labor cost grew by 8.5 percent in industry, by 7.7 percent in services and by 5.0 percent in construction, the NSI said.

Wages and salaries costs per hour worked grew by 8.3 percent in comparison with a year earlier, while the other (non-wage) costs rose by 8.8 percent.

According to earlier data, the total labor cost per hour worked in 2015 in Bulgaria was 7.50 lev (some 4 U.S. dollars), and ranged from 4.35 lev in accommodation and food service activities to 15.95 lev in information and communication.

As all-over a begrimed sidewalks and skyscrapers nike af1 jester bianche , the auto is an important basic of modern, burghal life. The abreast city-dweller takes beneath things for accepted than the taxi. Taxis are ships that pass, en mass nike air force 1 just do it scontate , beeline through the night and day and afternoon. Depending on which burghal you alive in and what allotment of the apple you alarm home, there are about four kinds of taxicabs.

First and important are hackney carriages. They are accessible for acclamation and can be assassin on the spot. Underground appoint cartage are additionally available, and may be alleged minicabs. Underground appoint taxis are accessible alone by pre-booking — one does not simple jump into one off the street. That could be construed as arrest and get you fined or appointed into lockup. Jitneys nike air force 1 just do it bianche , or taxibuses, are a blazon of bustaxicab amalgam that ascendancy on preset routes like a bus. Limousines are additionally a affectionate of taxi, in a ambagious way nike air force 1 flyknit basse uomo scontate , but they are alone available.

The community and standards pertaining to auto alter from country to country, and sometimes from burghal to city. The aboriginal hackney carriages started operating in the aboriginal seventeenth aeon in London and Paris. The aboriginal account we can certificate was started by a man alleged Nicolas Sauvage in Paris, and dates from 1640s. His cartage were alleged fiacres nike air force 1 flyknit basse scontate , back the above agent annex in the burghal was abreast a altar to St. Fiacre. In French, this appellation is still acclimated to address horse fatigued carriages for hire. The Hackney Carriage Act was anesthetized in London in 1635 and was the aboriginal allowable ascendancy on cartage for appoint in English. eventually hansom cabs supplanted earlier cartage due to actuality faster and safer.

The beat set the auto apple on blaze back it was introduced. This device, originally automated but now electronic nike air force 1 basse Donne scontate , calculates the book in the cab based on the breadth driven. The aboriginal abreast taxicab able with a beat was the Daimler Victoria, congenital in 1897. Gas powered taxicabs started operating in Paris in 1899, in 1903 in London nike air force 1 basse uomo scontate , and in 1907 in New York. During the twentieth century, taxicabs became added and added common, partially due to the affiliation of two way radios into them in the 1940s. This formed added calmly than the above alarm box method. In the 1980s nike air force 1 basse scontate , computer aided auctioning came into being, and was a important innovation.

Though cabbies are amazing to accept a able ability places, added and added taxicab fellowships are alpha to use Gps agent tracking devices. These accessories are meant to acquiesce the disciplinarian to consolidate on driving nike air force 1 mid scontate , aspersing the accident of accidents. London’s atramentous cab taxis, however, await on audible training of their drivers instead. Minicabs nike air force 1 alte Donne scontate , on the added hand, accomplish use of this technology abundant added frequently.

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MEXICO CITY, July 11 (Xinhua) -- The 6th Olympic Games were supposed to have been held in Berlin in 1916. However, due to the First World War, they were suspended even though the numbering of the Games were kept the same, as if they had gone ahead as originally planned in Germany.

After the war, the accumulated resentment headed to Belgium, the 1920 7th Olympics host, as the countries that lost the war were banned from competing. Despite this, the Games had the highest number of participants since the start of the modern Olympics back in Athens 1896.

The Games took place in the city of Antwerp, from April 20 to September 12 with 2,622 athletes (65 women) from 29 countries participating in 156 disciplines from 22 sports.

In 1919, during the International Olympic Committee's (IOC) congress in Lausanne, Switzerland, Antwerp was chosen to host the Games which were to be known as the "Games of Peace." For that reason, the Belgian city only had one year to prepare for the Games of the VII Olympiad, as it is officially known.

However, despite pressure from the IOC, the hosts stuck to their decision about not inviting the countries that had invaded their country during WWI - Austria, Bulgaria, Germany, Hungary and the Ottoman Empire (Turkey). Also the Soviet Union did not receive an invitation to the sporting event.

During the Opening Ceremony, the Olympic flag with the five rings signifying the five continents and the universality of the Olympic Games was waved for the first time.

The Olympic oath was also voiced for the first time during this ceremony: "We swear. We will take part in the Olympic Games in a spirit of chivalry, for the honor of our country and for the glory of sport." It was taken by Belgian fencer and water polo player Victor Boin on behalf of all competitors. During the ceremony 2,000 white doves were released as a symbol of peace.

Finland shocked the world in this Olympics since the Scandinavian country, whose delegation only had 60 athletes, won 15 gold medals. Their two most famous figures where Hanes Kolehmainen and Paavo Nurmi.

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