KHARTOUM Authentic Alex McGough Jersey , Nov. 2 (Xinhua) -- South Sudan President Salva KiirMayardit on Thursday denied accusation against his country ofsupporting armed groups in Sudan.

"The rumor was baseless," said Kiir, adding there was no reasonfor his country to support Sudan's opposition groups, as SouthSudan is not a source of arms or weapons.

"If there is accusation, I could also accuse Sudan of supportingSouth Sudanese opposition and that it provided arms for theopposition," said Kiir at a joint press conference with hisSudanese counterpart Omar al-Bashir.

Al-Bashir, for his part, reiterated his country's commitment tonot supporting any South Sudanese armed groups, saying "supportingthe opposition will only result in exhaustion, instability anddisturbance at the joint border."

"We have agreed not to support the armed groups," addedBashir.

He further stressed his country's willingness to establishnormal ties with South Sudan.

"The two countries' relations have experienced difficultcircumstances and both of us have paid a price due to differences.We are convinced that the best choice is to overcome differencesand establish normal ties," he said.

Kiir arrived in Khartoum on Wednesday for a two-day visit toSudan where the two sides held talks on security issues,particularly the implementation of the cooperation agreement.

In September 2012, Sudan and South Sudan signed a comprehensivecooperation agreement in the Ethiopian capital of Addis Ababa underthe patronage of the African Union.

The agreement included a package of understandings relating tosecurity, citizens' status, border and economic issues and othersconcerning oil and trade.

However, the agreement did not tackle the issues of Abyei andborder demarcation.

The border issue represents one of the biggest obstacleshindering the settlement of differences between Sudan and SouthSudan. Enditem

BEIJING, Dec. 20 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Wednesday the European Union's new anti-dumping methodology violates World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

China hopes the EU will strictly abide by WTO rules and fulfill its duties in a well-intentioned and comprehensive way, the MOC said in a statement.

"Only by safeguarding the authority of multi-lateral trade systems can the common interests of all countries be served," the statement said.

The EU on Tuesday officially released new anti-dumping rules that remove the former distinction between "market and non-market economies" for calculating dumping. Instead, the rules require proving the existence of a "significant market distortion" between a product's sale price and its production cost.

The notion of "significant market distortion" makes it possible for the EU to take the surrogate country approach, which allows using prices and production costs in a third country or on the international market to calculate the value of products from the exporting country.

The MOC said the new methodology lacks support from WTO rules and weakens the authority of the WTO anti-dumping legal system, noting that there is no such concept of "significant market distortion" in WTO rules.

China reserves its rights under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism and will take necessary measures to protect its legitimate interests, the MOC said.

occurred in the past decade, the Chinese art market will experience minimal eruptions and rocketing prices in the coming five years, a response to the economic slowdown.

The cooling down will be felt strongly in Chinese painting and not just because of economic factors, according to the report.

The Chinese painting market has been increasingly criticized as a conduit for deals between money and power, and the central government has vowed to target yahui in its corruption crackdown.

Art bribery dates back to hundreds of years and extremely corrupt officials such as Yan Song of the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) and He Shen of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) were among its most notorious examples.

After the art market revived in the 1990s, works of art sold for up to several hundred yuan and appeared more as gifts centering on their aesthetic value.

But as the market boomed and prices hit tens of millions of yuan, speculators looking for short-term gain flooded in the market. Works of art became a shortcut for cashing in, making it very convenient for yahui dealings.

Some art market observers have questioned the extent that the anti-corruption drive can curb art bribery and whether a better way can be found to determine the true value of the bribes.

Yahui-related pricing has disrupted the art market for years. There have been several cases of paintings in which investigators alleged involved bribes worth millions, only to find out the objects were deliberately overpriced.

In other cases, officials sold a painting valued at several thousand yuan at auction only to have the bribers winning the bid by paying millions of yuan.

These abnormalities cannot be eradicated if the market continues to function without a comprehensive pricing mechanism, analysts said.

Some dealers and auctioneers have been fully involved in the "industry chain" of yahui. They help launder bribes and others consign a forged painting to dealers or auctioneers who then sell it to the bribers at the price of a genuine one.

The practice of yahui reflects how bad the art market can be, when an independent authentication body has long been absent and cheating prevails without strict supervision, analysts said.

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