An event manager needs a good team by his side to conduct a good event and an event demands inputs of multiple kinds. It cannot be handled alone – every event manager can function at his best with the support of a good and efficient team. Let us look at some pointers for effective team management:

Knowing your team is very essential. It is not simply enough to remember the names of your team members. It is important to know their personalities – what they like White Sox Brett Lawrie Jersey , dislike, their habits, the backgrounds that they come from, their knowledge base, their experience in a particular role their religious values and customs. By knowing these, you can assess their needs and meet them to keep them performing for you. The various needs of team include:

1. Physiological needs – Basic needs like food, water, shelter are the basic survival needs, which underpin the physiological needs of every individual. This will prevent any discomfort or inconvenience to them and help them do their jobs well.

2 .Safety needs – The team needs to be safe from psychological and physical harm – especially women. To ensure that the team is safeguarded against psychological harm, you can ensure there are no conflicts among the team, no altercations and no ego clashes. This also means extending a job security to them and also a sense of financial security, with this they would be able to give their best to the job. Physically, you should give them a safe environment to work with quick access to good medical services if required.

3. Social needs – the team needs to have a sense of ownership to the project – this can be fostered if you provide to them the surety of acceptance and belonging. The team needs to be feeling loved and appreciated for their efforts so that they believe in being a part of the project. You can encourage a homely environment by being cordial to each and every one of your team members. Get to know them and if they are not performing well for some personal reason, try and resolve it for them – show and provide them with support.

4. Recognition needs – Esteem needs are high when working in a team – all individuals need to be recognized for their efforts, respected for their initiatives and a status of belonging to the team. As a team leader, you have to recognize these team members and fulfill them. You can keep them motivated with strong words of appreciation. These steps will have the team believe in themselves and their jobs thus making them productive at work.

5. Cognitive needs- Individuals need to be learn new things, explore novel job intricacies and discover more. As a team leader you have to identify the potential of such individuals and provide them with opportunities which are not monotonous but provide them with chances of intellectual growth and new learning at the job.

6. Self-actualization needs – These individuals always perform their best and want to be the best at their jobs. These individuals can be groomed by you to be second in command as they always give their best to any situation. These may sometimes be a little difficult to handle as they might want nothing less than the leadership position.

While organizing an event remember, some apps that you use for online event registration also help you in managing team activities well.

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