BERLIN Cheap Phil Niekro Jersey , Nov. 23 (Xinhua) -- Hamburg won the 101st Northern derby with a late 2-0 victory over Bremen while 10-man Stuttgart lost 1-0 to Augsburg at the closer of the 12th round in Bundesliga on Sunday.

Hamburg sealed a late win over Bremen thanks to the goals by substitute Artjoms Rudnevs and Bremen keeper Raphael Wolf, whose clearance attempt crossed the goal line.

Both sides staged an unspectacular encounter in front of the outsold Imtech Arena in Hamburg. The hosts dictated the pace but lacked in penetration against Werder Bremen's well-positioned defence. Thus, goal-scoring opportunities remained a rare occurrence.

However, the hosts were able to overcome Bremen bulwark to break the deadlock at the 83rd minute through substitute Artjoms Rudnevs. The striker poked home a flicked on throw-in into the box from very close range at the far post.

Bremen's Clemens Fritz destroyed all hopes of a draw when he was sent off after booking his second yellow card following a foul play in the 90th minute. Things went from bad to worse for the visitors as goalkeeper Raphael Wolf failed to clear a rebound off the goalline and instead doubled the scores for Hamburg three minutes into the injury time.

With the third win of the season Hamburg climbed out of the relegation zone onto the 15th place whereas Bremen slipped to 17th place Cheap Orlando Cepeda Jersey , the second last position.

Elsewhere, Stuttgart suffered their seventh loss after 12 games as clinical Augsburg converted a handball penalty to snatch a neat 1-0 victory on the road.

Stuttgart ensured the worst possible start as Daniel Schwaab was sent off after his second bookable offence at the 24th minute.

Augsburg were unable to make use of their superior numbers. Nevertheless, they were able to open the scoring by courtesy of a controversial handball penalty at the 72nd minute. Augsburg's Paul Verhaegh stepped up and converted the penalty into the bottom right to put the result beyond doubt against 10-man Stuttgart.

The victory moved Augsburg from seventh to sixth place while Stuttgart remain at the Bundesliga bottom.

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