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Wang Ruiqi

CCTV news broadcaster Kang Hui

Kang Hui, famous news broadcaster of China Central Television(CCTV), gave a lecture at Chengdu TV Station yesterday when he refuted rumors that top news broadcasters are paid more than 280,000 per month, and revealed secrets about how much they have to pay for slips of the tongue.

The rumors that CCTV news broadcasters can get monthly salary of higher than 200,000 have been prevalent for a year or two. In November 2010 Cheap Ciro Immobile Jersey , CCTV Morning News broadcaster Zhao Pu exposed his salary on his micro blog which aimed to refute rumors, yet his less than 6,000 salary aroused more suspicions among general public.

At yesterday’s lecture, hosts at Chengdu TV Station implicitly raised the question to Kang Hui, famous CCTV news broadcaster. “Actually, you can ask directly how much I earn each month Cheap Beto Jersey ,” Kang said.

Kang said that each year some websites overhypes the salary of CCTV news broadcasters and exaggerated female broadcaster Li Ruiying to earn more than 280,000 each month. “The sayings are groundless”, replied Kang with forced smile “Other sayings include that CCTV will cut employees’ salary by 30%”.

Kang said that suspicions were inevitable when Zhao Pu exposed his 6,000 salary, and that the figures on the payroll cannot represent their total income, ”Every TV station has its rules Cheap Benoit Tremoulinas Jersey , and for CCTV, the amount of reward is in accordance with the revenue of the station and audience ratings of that year. Our salaries are surly more than those on the payroll but not that much. I can hardly earn 280,000 in a year! ”

Besides salary, Kang also revealed the punishment for slips of the tongue. “People think that we are fined 50 yuan for each mistake. But now the price is much higher.” Kang said that CCTV is strict on broadcaster’s pronunciation.

“If the quarterly mistakes of words in a department are between 60 and 90, the broadcaster concerned will be fined 300 yuan for each mistake; if the mistakes are between 90 and 120, the broadcaster will be fined 400 yuan; and if the mistakes exceed 120 Cheap Adil Rami Jersey , a fine of 500 is liable”.

Apart from the broadcaster, the department may also be fined and sometimes a mistaken word may worth 10,000 yuan.

Although the CCTV news is only from 7:00 7:30 p.m. every day, the broadcasters have to arrive early to prepare for the shooting and off duty when the rebroadcast finished at 9:00, “Th. Jerseys China   NFL Jerseys Cheap   NCAA Jerseys From China   NBA Jerseys China   Soccer Jerseys China   College Jerseys Wholesale   MLB Jerseys China   Adidas NHL Jerseys Cheap   Nike NFL Jerseys Cheap   NBA Basketball Jerseys Cheap