You are troubled with a single missing tooth or several decayed teeth damaged because of dental injuries or disease. There is nothing to worry because cosmetic dentistry not only corrects dental problems but also improves your smile. Dental implants Colorado specialists restore your damaged tooth and place implants that are designed to function as your natural pearly whites. This helps you speak naturally Keith Yandle Jersey , eat your favorite foods, and return a confident smile to people you meet.

As far as Colorado implant dentist clinics are concerned, they use advanced oral components and tools to replace a damaged tooth. These include the implant, the dental crown and the abutment.

Options Available for Implant Treatment

Single Tooth Replacement- A patient with one pearly white missing needs a single implant and a crown. This procedure restores the lost or damaged tooth, as well as, its root.

Multiple Replacement- On the contrary, a patient having several missing teeth can be benefited with implant-supported bridges.

Let's have a look at the benefits of such treatment.


An implant will make you feel as if you are having your natural set of pearly whites. There will be no feeling of discomfort while talking to people or chewing food.


As far dental implantation is concerned, it will last for several years. It is unlike dentures that are not durable enough. It has been observed that with proper care and maintenance, implants have a success ratio of 98 percent, and will last for a lifetime.

Boosts Your Self-Confidence

When you have gaps between your teeth, meeting and smiling at people becomes embarrassing. An unappealing appearance at parties or client meetings dampens your self-confidence. To hide your missing tooth, you cannot smile back even when people greet you warmly. Others might regard you as arrogant or think that you have an unpleasant personality. However, with implant treatment, you can flaunt your pearly whites and impress people with a million dollar smile!

Doesn't Hurt

Implantation procedures are painless and you need not worry about aching teeth. In case, patients experience some kind of post-treatment discomfort; that can be conveniently managed with simple and convenient medications.

Who Can Opt for Such Treatment?

An individual opting for dental implants Colorado must have good oral health. Moreover, gums should be absolutely healthy and free of any kind of periodontal ailments. The person should also maintain good dental hygiene and visit dentists regularly. There should be sufficient bone in the jaw in order to support the implantation process. Even if, natural bone is less, bone graft substitution, bone expansion, and membranes should be opted for.

Those who are chain smokers, or patients plagued by chronic ailments like heart problems or diabetes need to be diagnosed properly before implantation. Even those who had radiation therapy in their neck or head region muse be thoroughly checked by a physician.

To infer, it can be said that implants are better than dentures which slip. Implants are durable and last for a lifetime with appropriate oral care and hygiene.

What are your views in this subject? Please feel free to comment.
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