MANILA, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- The Philippine Bureau of Immigration said on Tuesday that it has barred the entry of a Pakistani man after the traveller's name appeared in the government's watch list.

Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente said in a statement that airport authorities did not allow Muhammad Arif, 43, to enter the Philippines after his name popped up in the Interpol's database of "al-Qaida Sanction List" of individuals.

Arif reportedly arrived last Saturday from Bangkok, Thailand but was turned back after his name appeared on the Bureau of Immigration watch list.

"We were informed that his purpose in coming here was doubtful because he could not pinpoint the places that he wanted to visit. He also could not tell why he was traveling alone," Morente said.

He said that the immigration officers at Manila's airport did not have a choice but to exclude Arif "for posing a threat to our national security and risk for public safety."

He said Arif's name was also in the September 2011 blacklist order issued by then Bureau of Immigration chief Ricardo David, also for being an alleged member of al-Qaida terror group.

Morente said that immigration officers also noticed that Arif's picture in his passport has "striking resemblance" with the picture of the Arif who was in the Interpol database.

"When interviewed by the immigration supervisor, Arif claimed he owns the Dawn pharmaceuticals store in Islamabad and is a distributor of Novartis Pharmaceutical Company," Morente said.

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has warned that ISIS militants have managed to establish links with local terrorist groups operating in the southern Philippines, home of the country's Filipino Muslims.

CHICAGO Tony Snell Jersey , Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- A surveillance video showed the killed black teenager Antonio Martin was pointing a gun at the police officer before the shooting happened, Berkeley mayor said during a Christmas Eve press conference.

The shooting happened late Tuesday night when the police officer in his routine check approached two men, one of whom is Martin, at the side of a gas station just two miles from Ferguson. The officer's name was not released.

The killing of Martin, 18, should not be likened to the death of Michael Brown as the video showed a person identified as Antonio Martin pointing what looks like a gun at an officer in a gas station parking lot in Berkeley, Missouri right before the officer fatally shot the teen, Theodore Hoskins said.

And the mayor, who is black, pointed out that the Berkeley police department is majority-black and promised a thorough investigation of the incident.

A small group of protesters marched along some roads in Berkeley on Wednesday night. On the previous night, hundreds protested the shooting, comparing it to the Michael Brown case in nearby Ferguson, and there were angry clashes with the police.

Local media reported a woman who claimed to be the victim's mother said that the teenager was on his way to meet his girlfriend when the fatal encounter happened and that he was not carrying a gun.

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon issued a brief statement Wednesday, saying "the events in Berkeley are a reminder that law enforcement officers have a difficult, and often dangerous, job in protecting themselves and law-abiding citizens."

Berkeley is two miles from the St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, where the shooting death of Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager, by a white police officer set off protests that spread nationwide.

Choosing The Right Firm For Blanchard Grinding In Virginia Choosing The Right Firm For Blanchard Grinding In Virginia January 29, 2014 | Author: Marissa Velazquez | Posted in Education

Though Blanchard grinding may not be a common term, you will find it worthwhile. Simply put, this type of surface grinding uses vertical spindles or rotary tables to remove stock from one side of a large material. While there are dozens of grinding methods out there, this method provides the fastest means to grind large parts of ferrous metals, plastics and other non- ferrous metals. There are various companies for Blanchard grinding in Virginia and you can consult and one can approach them anytime when in need of the services.

To understand the significance of Blanchard grinding you need to go past the materials it can be used on. For instance, there are dozens of objects that can utilize this method. These include Tapered Configurations, Mold Sets, Castings, Fabricated Assemblies and Fine-blankings just to list a few.

Still on the diversity of Blanchard grinding, you need to know that it can coin many shapes. Examples of such shapes range from extrusions, plates, rings and circles. In fact, you can remove stock from die blocks and rotary tables provided they are made of aluminum, stainless steel, platinum or brass. However, this does not mean you are limited to the said materials alone.

Now, how does one identify the best grinder for their project? Well, there are specific considerations when it comes to Blanchard grinders. First, you should consider the load areas and configurations. For instance, choosing a grinder with smaller load areas will ensure you have soft cutting (the opposite is true if you choose a machine with large load areas).

The next important thing to look for in a grinder would be the down-feed rates and speeds. Provided you choose the right configuration and load areas, you are always assured of faster down-feed rates. Therefore, you should be more cautious when examining the load areas. The other technical aspect to consider is the motor loads. It is advisable that you select machines with motor load speeds of up to 135%.

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