The global institute Women's International Study of Health and Sexuality http://www.vegasgoldenknightsofficialst … nen-jersey , in 2006, found the prevalence of low desire or frigidity was common in 24 to 36 percent of women in the age between 20 to 70 years. Women who had undergone surgical menopause suffered more from the problem of low desire. The report found the problem was common in women of all age groups and it was responsible for reduced satisfaction in partnership in marital relationships. The problem was due to, either or both, physical or mental reasons as the functioning of reproductive organ in female is governed by emotional stimulation and women who are physically in pain may not enjoy lovemaking at all. People have been looking for real cures for the problem which is very difficult to identify. Herbal remedies really work for female frigidity and reduce problems of dissatisfaction in love relations by improving the functioning of glands to reduce pain and improving mental health.

It may happen that women who were very much interested in lovemaking may not show any sign of interest in a later phase of life. This can be a psychological problem, where either the female partner is not satisfied or is emotionally not very comfortable in the relationship. If in partnership wife is frigid, it can happen that the male partner constantly tries to convince the female partner by talks or physical signs, which she may ignore or refuse to accept for long. Herbal remedies really work for female frigidity as the herbs promote the functioning of glands, responsible for setting up mood in women. Kamni Capsule is a widely used herbal remedy made up of rare herbs that can improve endocrine functioning in female body to enhance her interest in lovemaking.

Low testosterone: Testosterone is believed to be responsible for initiation of desire and passion in partnership. Women with high amount of testosterone may show aggressive behavior in lovemaking. It is also responsible for modulating clitoris and genitals. It increases sensation, lubrication and engorgement in women. The lack of androgen or testosterone in female can reduce libido and it results in -
1. Poor receptively of female
2. Low libido
3. Lack of pleasure
4. Fatigue
5. Lack of motivation to take part in lovemaking
6. Reduced sense of energy or well-being

Many women in pre menopausal state suffer from the problem as they reach the end phase of ovulation cycles. It is believed that the level of androgen in women starts declining as they get in their 20s and up to menopause the level reduces by more than 50 percent. This can be as a result of ageing or it can happen due to poor functioning of glands in young women. Emotional distress also reduces the level of androgens in women. Herbal remedies really work for female frigidity in such conditions and it acts as a savior for frigid women. It can be taken regularly to improve the level of testosterone and regulate the functioning of glands in a natural manner. These remedies as provided by Kamni Capsule have magical powers to revive bodya??s functioning and reduce the impact of ageing. Drives are an electromechanical system which occupies an electronic motor as the prime mover at the place of a steam or gas turbine or diesel engine. These drives generally incorporate both an electronic motor and a speed control system. The meaning of drive is taken as a controller without motor. With the invention of suitable solid state electronic components, new controller designs were incorporated.

There are two types of drives in the electronic industry and these two names are AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) Drive. An AC Drive is device that changes a fixed voltage and frequency to an adaptable AC voltage source and frequency. It effectively controls the torque, speed, horsepower and direction of the AC motor. The first AC motor was designed in 1899. It is determined by fixed torque and frequency of power supply.

The drive is also named as AC inverter. It is even used to explain about any particular section of an AC drive. That particular part utilizes the Direct Current voltage from a previous circuit stage (DC Bus) to generate an Alternating voltage or current having the desired frequency needed for the machines and equipments.

In the electronic industry, the device is also named as Variable Frequency Drives (VFD's) that is vfd drive or Adjustable Speed Drives (ASD's). Moreover, the drives are simpler and convenient to handle and are completely user- friendly. The device is great in demand due to the reason it saves a lot of energy. Technological improvement and advancement have made some of the remarkable changes in it by the means of size, shape and effectiveness of AC drives.

These drives are used in Fans, Mixers, Centrifuges, Pumps, compressors and conveyors. An AC drive turns the frequency of the network to anything between 0 to 300 Hz or even higher, and thus controls the speed of motor proportionally to the frequency. There are a lot of benefits that the AC drive provides and these are mention below:

It makes the whole operation smoother, enables acceleration or speed control, control torque and tension, adjusts the rate of production, enables to set the different operating speeds for smooth running of different operations, allows slow or high operation for some particular processes, and also allow accurate positioning. Apart from this it saves energy thereby making the device environment friendly and also reduces chances of mechanical shocks in the start and stop situations.

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