Why should we decorate our walls?
As home owners today Ruben Loftus-Cheek England Shirt , we are all looking for inexpensive ways to improve the look and style of our homes. Paint is easy, but it lacks the uniqueness of your personal style. The best way incorporate your style into your decor is to decorate your walls in beautiful colors, pattern or art by adding wallpaper borders to your walls. Decorating your walls will add that unique and custom solution that relfects your style. Decorated walls will also speak a lot about your personality and style. You can match decor in ways you never thought possible and show off your creativity and uniqueness.
The Best Ways to Decorate Walls
There are several ways you can decorate your walls. We recommend the following wall decorations that will add an accent to any room you choose:
Wallpaper Borders
Wall Stickers
One of the least expensive ways, we at totallycustomwallpapers recommend is wallpaper borders, the lease expensive of wallpaper decorations. These wall decorations add the most decorative impact and accent to any room and since we are custom, we can do them at the size you want. We can create a custom wallpaper border that is truly a unique wall decoration and will add interest to your home décor.
Our Custom Wall Borders
No matter what your needs - residential, retail, or commercial, our experienced team of designers will create custom wallpaper borders that fit your style, décor, space and budget. We offer numerous types wall decorations on a variety of different materials. The two most popular types of wall borders we make include:
Peel-and-Stick Wall Borders
Prepasted Wall Borders
Our products are high quality and easy to install. Your satisfaction is our main goal. No matter what type of wall decorations you need, we are proud to say that we can create any size or style of wall border you need. The only limit is your creative idea. Well bring it to life.
Interested in Finding Out More? Contact Us or Visit Us Online
Feel free to contact us at 888-458-9255. Our friendly, dedicated customer service staff will discuss your project, review your options and help bring your project to life. Using your photos and art or simply your idea and our art, we can create the perfect wallpaper border for your needs. If you need help coming up with the perfect wallpaper border, our experienced team of designers will help you create the perfect custom wallpaper borders for you. We have no limits in creating wall borders and that is why our wall borders are totally custom borders without limits. Give us a call today.

On Dec 1, 2010, Meitek Inc. US branch of Shenzhen Meiligao Electronics Co., Ltd. was set up in Los Angeles US. It indicates the beginning of Meiligaos international strategy. Just as the lyrics of theme song in TV seriesBeijinger in New York: Thousands of miles I search for you. The foundation of US branch office indicates Meiligaos huge transformation.

Quality guarantee

In order to meet US markets quality standard, Meiligao has restructured Quality Department, increased quality personnel, and carried out a comprehensive training to them. The Quality Manager has established a series of new inspection procedures and standards according to GPS trackers characteristics. It covers incoming material inspection, accessory inspection, functional test and inspection before shipment, etc. The QC department also keeps high sensitivity to sold products. Once any problem feedback from clients, they will test it immediately, to see if it is quality problem or not. Meiligao requires quality personnel to value quality at any moment. For instance, as there was defect complaint from a client on its very popular vehicle tracker model MVT600, the QC department decided to suspend the shipment, and had overall examination on this model, to make sure it does work perfectly before shipping to clients.

Qualification certification and patent protection

Aiming at worlds leading manufacturer of GPS tracker, Meiligao has obtained CE and SGS certificate, and is also applying for FCC certificate. Meiligaos products not only meet certification standard- be safe, green and environmental, but also reflect humanistic care. For instance, Meiligaos personal tracker MT88 has Braille SOS button, which is very heart-warming.

Meiligao also values the protection of intellectual property. It has applied design patent protection for all MVT series, to avoid possible piracy overseas.

Talents cultivation

Talent is Meiligaos most valuable resource. Talents from youth of all ages have been gathered in Meiligao, and found stage to show their abilities. The manager in US branch office is in the twenties, and takes charge of overall business there. Graduate has grown quickly in this environment, and become backbone of different department. The Rich Human Resources has laid a good foundation for Meiligaos long-term development.

Warm enterprise culture

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