Have you ever wondered what in the world can make a golf ball fly so far to the left or to the right? How do you hit those unintentional duck hooks or wicked slices? Why can you never turn or move the ball when you really want to or have to Cheap MLB Jerseys , say to hook it around a tree. Some of these problems have to do with the players swing Cheap New Jerseys , and some has to do with the golf ball the player is using.

The golf ball of today has so much technology packed into such a little piece of equipment it's incredible and picking the right one is almost as important as having the proper irons fitted to your game. Some fitting experts believe that almost 50 % o players are playing with the wrong type of ball. One of the main characteristics in the golf ball is the amount of spin the ball is designed to attain. There are some simple guidelines to follow so you get the proper spin golf ball. Here are the three main types of spin golf balls.

Low Spin Golf Balls
The lower spinning golf balls will help to eliminate the side spin on your shots Cheap Replica Jerseys , which in turn eliminates the chances of that big slice or hook. The ball will end up flying straighter through the air at the target. The one thing to mention about these types of balls is that they may not travel as far through in the air but they make up for it when they hit the ground. Due to the minimal amount of spin produced the balls will roll further when they hit the ground and not spin back. It's because of these two characteristics that these types of balls are geared toward higher handicappers. They help them hit their shots straighter and they also run out on the fairways.

Mid Spin Golf Balls
The mid spin golf balls are basically here to fill the gap between the low and high spinning balls. They are designed to incorporate both feel and distance together. Thus they attract a huge rage of golfers and with mid handicap games. These golf balls produce a nice feel and control to them as well as allowing some good distance when needed. This will vary depending on the manufacturer as they are offered by most.

High Spin Golf Balls
The high spinning balls are designed mainly to do what the name says; produce a lot of ball spin while they are in the air. A high spinning golf ball will produce a longer carry due to the backspin that happens at impact. They will not get any run on the fairways but they have a huge advantage around the greens. It is this added spin around the greens that allows the player a little more control should they know how to use it. It will help the ball stop quicker on the greens sometimes even with backspin. These balls are mainly used by the lower handicapped players who can take advantage of the characteristics.

Now that you know the different spinning golf ball types Cheap Throwback Jerseys , it is important to use them to your advantage. Having the ball that is best suited to your skill level and game should give you a leg up on your playing partners or competition. Try out different balls and take notice of the amount they spin. This simple observation can make a huge difference in your game.
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