UNITED NATIONS Adidas Ultra Boost Men's Running Shoes Burgundy Black , Jan. 15 (Xinhua) -- The UN Security Council Friday was briefed on humanitarian access to besieged areas in Syria ahead of much-anticipated political talks on Jan. 25.

UN Assistant Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs Kyung-wha Kang told the 15-member council that the besieged town of Madaya -- where Syrians are dying of starvation -- is one of many Syrian towns beyond the reach of humanitarian access.

"Regrettably siege and starvation as a weapon of war has become routine and systematic in Syria, with devastating consequences for civilians," said Kang.

Kang said that requests for humanitarian access in Syria routinely went unanswered.

"Our requests have mostly gone unanswered and the people of Syria continue to live in a nightmarish reality dictated by a conflict that respects few rules and obeys no laws," she said.

Francois Delattre, France' s permanent representative to the UN, said that his country called for the meeting on the sieges in Syria together with the United Kingdom to ensure the Security Council discussed the situation ahead of the planned political dialogue on Jan. 25.

"(We called this meeting) to create the necessary conditions ahead of the launch in a few days of the intra-Syrian dialogue 2017 Adidas Ultra Boost Women's Running Shoes Pink Grey ," said Delattre.

"There will be no credible political process without serious, palpable, tangible progress on the humanitarian track," he said.

China' s Permanent Representative to the UN Liu Jieyi told the council that the worsening humanitarian crisis only reinforced the need for the political talks.

The international community should remain steadfast in its search for a political solution, said Liu. "At a time when the humanitarian situation is becoming worse, the need becomes greater for a push for a political solution Adidas Climachill Ride Boost Men's Women's Shoes Black White ," he said.

Russian Deputy Permanent Representative to the United Nations Vladimir Safronkov raised concerns that the meeting was unnecessarily politicizing humanitarian issues ahead of the planned dialogue.

Responding to journalists after the meeting, Kang said that humanitarians did not wish to politicize the issue.

"As humanitarians we constantly ask and push for access and it is not our working that politicizes aid," Kang said.

About 400,000 Syrians are under siege included some 200,000 besieged by IS, another 170 Cheap Adidas Performance Men's Ultra Boost Uncaged M White ,000 besieged by government forces, and around 15,000 besieged by non-government forces, Kang added.

UN Security Council resolution 2254, adopted in December 2015, requires the Syrian peace talks to begin in January.

BEIJING Adidas Men's Ultra Boost Uncaged Red Burgundy Sale , June 26 (Xinhua) -- The Chinese navy's first involvement in the Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) multinational naval exercises can not be undervalued.

A Chinese fleet with about 1,100 soldiers and officers are now in Pearl Harbor participating in exchange events, including press conferences, visits of warships, basketball and football matches and a cross-country race.

Their involvement in the activity between the United States and Pacific Rim nations makes the world's largest multinational maritime military exercise more inclusive.

However, China's participation is not merely symbolic for China-U.S. relations.

The Chinese fleet is composed of a missile destroyer Men's Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged M Black Grey Online , a missile frigate, a supply ship, a hospital ship and two ship-borne helicopters, as well as a commando unit, a diving squad and a medical team.

During the maritime drills starting on July 9, the Chinese vessels will join in operations testing weapons firing Adidas Women's Ultra Boost Uncaged Blue Outlet , sea-lifting of supplies, damage control, anti-piracy and disaster-relief abilities, coordinated interceptions and landings, and joint assaults by warships and ship-borne helicopters.

The scale and active involvement of the Chinese fleet indicate that military-to-military relations between China and the U.S. are building momentum since the summit attended by Chinese President Xi Jinping and his U.S. counterpart Barack Obama last summer.

The exercises will add to efforts to build a new model of relations between the two nations and their militaries.

Military-to-military contact, an area highlighted by the two national leaders in their summit Adidas Originals NMD R1 Black Pink Outlet , was long regarded as the weakest link in the China-U.S. relationship.

The drill is an opportunity for the two militaries to consolidate mutual trust, which is vital for boosting the China-U.S. relationship.

Given that the Asia-Pacific is where the interests of China and the United States intertwine the most, the drill also shows that, though the two countries differ on certain issues, they have been making concrete steps toward building trust.

Moreover, China's involvement displays its willingness to deepen friendly cooperation with countries in Southeast Asia.

The drill Women's Adidas NMD R1 Primeknit Shock Pink Outlet , which involves a total of 23 nations, will facilitate mutual understanding between China and nations in Southeast Asia through various activities including anti-piracy and disaster-relief operations.

In recent years, the Chinese navy has become an important force in safeguarding world peace and its role in anti-piracy, international humanitarian assistance and maritime search and rescue has been growing.

The exercises once again demonstrate China's initiative in contributing to regional security and will help eliminate misunderstanding and misjudgment in the region.

The drill is a major stride in military-to military ties between China and the United States. There will surely be more.

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