PARIS Asics White Shoes Clearance , April 9 (Xinhua) -- The French government will start reversing the long-running rise in unemployment from 2016 if it honors commitments to quicken growth, Finance Minister Michel Sapin said on Thursday.

"If the expected growth takes place, the economy will create jobs significantly as from 2016. After stabilizing in 2015, unemployment is expected to decline in 2016 and 2017," Sapin told the business daily Les Echos.

"Our macroeconomic scenario is cautious and realistic. This caution is a deliberate choice that aims to give back credibility to France," he said.

Sapin maintained the government's growth forecast at 1.0 percent this year. Looking to 2016 Asics Black Shoes Clearance , he estimated the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) to be 1.5 percent.

At the end of February, jobless claims rose by 0.4 percent to more than 3.494 million, dealing a new blow to President Francois Hollande's promise to stem record high joblessness via state-sponsored contracts and a cut in labor charges.

In a recent economic report, Insee, the national statistics institute, noted that high unemployment was still challenging economic recovery in the eurozone's second leading power.

The jobless rate was forecast to grow by one percentage point per quarter Asics Kids Shoes Clearance , which means jobless claims will stand at 10.2 percent in mainland France, the highest level in two decades, it said.

By Christopher Woodburn

GENEVA, April 16 (Xinhua) -- The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) will enhance its efforts to suppress the illegal use of fresh cell therapy in Switzerland, officials told Xinhua on Thursday.

According to Swiss Agency for Therapeutic Products (Swissmedic) spokesman Peter Balzli, the need to "ensure safe and efficient therapeutic practices" is crucial in the use of fresh cell therapy in Switzerland.

"Despite doctors' discontent Asics Mens Shoes Clearance , we want to ensure that existing regulation and legislation is respected rather than wait until something happens to a patient," said Balzli.

The therapy, which consists of injecting fresh cells, mostly from sheep foetuses or placentae into human muscle, was pioneered by Swiss doctor Paul Niehans in the early 1930s.

Alleged benefits include rejuvenating effects, as well as the alleviation of chronic illnesses such as migraines. It has also been used as an alternative form of cancer treatment.

According to FOPH however Asics Womens Shoes Clearance , the benefits of fresh cell therapy are scientifically unfounded whereas the associated health risks are well-established and backed by such institutions as the World Health Organization (WHO).

Risks include hypersensitivity reactions, abscess formation and sepsis, infection with animal pathogens and initiation of auto-immune diseases.

In Switzerland, the transplantation of live cells (xenotransplantation) is subject to the Transplantation Act and regulated by the FOPH.

Products that do not contain live cells are classified as medicinal products, and are regulated by the Federal Therapeutic Product Act.

According to Swissmedic, a non-exhaustive list of 35 institutions suspected of using illegal therapies across Switzerland has been drawn-up -- most are located in Canton Vaud.

FOPH spokeswoman Mona Neidhart told Xinhua that "it is also possible that a number of clinics have not been identified Asics Shoes Clearance , in which case we invite the latter to verify the legality of their therapeutic activities."

This list was concocted after a questionnaire was sent to suspected health-institutions asking the latter to clarify their therapeutic activities.

To date, no therapy-related deaths have been reported in the country, though there have been at least two certified deaths in neighboring Germany.

According to a 1987 medical report, "a 75-year-old woman died 30 days after an intramuscular injection of quick-frozen fresh cells from the effects of an immune-complex vasculitis."

A similar case of a 60-year-old woman dying 14 days after a fresh-cell injection was also reported.

These therapies, offered by private clinics and hospitals, are lucrative and have attracted many health-tourists from China Cheap Asics White Shoes , Russia and the Middle-East.

"Though prices vary, the high-range clinics offer 5-day therapy sessions which can cost up to 80,000 CHF (83,400 U.S. dollars)," said Balzli.

According to Swissmedic's and FOPH's report, 913 visas were granted to Chinese citizens wishing to undertake medical treatment in Switzerland in 2011 alone.

Though the exact number is unknown Cheap Asics Black Shoes , up to 80 percent of Chinese health tourists who travel to Switzerland go for cell therapy-linked treatments, according to the report.

Neidhart stated that it is impossible to predict whether the number of Chinese health tourists going to Switzerland for health treatments will decrease as a result of recent crackdowns.

NAKURU, Kenya, May 13 (Xinhua) -- At least 18 people were killed and several others injured in a grisly road accident along the busy Nakuru-Nairobi highway early Saturday.

Nakuru police commander Hassan Barua said the accident occurred at around 02:30 local time when a commuter bus collided with an oncoming truck.

"The accident happened when the driver of the bus was overtaking a private vehicle but he lost control of the bus and side brushed with oncoming truck," Barua said.

"As a result of the accident, 18 unknown passengers from the bus died while an unknown number of passengers who were seriously injured were rushed to St Mary's Hospital where they are undergoing treatment Cheap Asics Kids Shoes ," Barua added.

The police commander said the driver of the commuter bus escaped after the accident, noting that efforts to remove the bodies were in progress.

Road accidents still continue to occur despite stringiest traffic rules which were introduced by the government to help curb road carnage.

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