A bicycle for exercise or competition is a big investment that should last more than a few years. To ensure that a new ride goes the distance Keith Hernandez Jersey , it’s important to keep up with routine maintenance. Bike repair services can help.

While it’s tempting to make minor repairs at home, it’s best to take a precision bike in for servicing. Professionals know the ins and outs of bike repair and what’s required to keep a high-end bicycle running smoothly. If it’s time to find bike repair services in Dallas, here’s what to expect from a basic tune up:

Full inspection – A bike repair expert will go over a bicycle from top to bottom to make sure parts are in working order and to identify any that are not for repair or replacement.

Adjustments – The brakes and gears should be adjusted for maximum performance to ensure safe and comfortable rides down the road.

Lubing – Keeping cables in top condition is important for promoting a bike’s longevity.

Wheel truing – This involves making sure the wheels are straight to deliver a smooth ride. For racers this is a critical proposition that can impact time and effort.

Torque check – All fasteners should also be inspected to ensure proper torque. This enables riders to rest assured their bikes can withstand the rigors of the road.

Tire inflation – Keeping tires properly inflated is vital for creating smooth rides and promoting longevity, as well.

Additional services – Some repair shops will also offer headset and crank cleaning, drivetrain degreasing and washing and waxing. These services often go above and beyond the cost of a standard tune up.

Bike repair experts know how to make sure a cycle functions as it should. Tune-ups should be performed at least once a year to make sure an investment in a precision bicycle really goes the distance.

The Life And Times Of A Busboy November 25, 2013 | Author: George Dodson | Posted in Careers

Dining out can be an enjoyable experience. You can decide where to go and what you want to eat. The wait staff warmly receives you and caters to your every need. You can request for a tumbler of water or an additional napkin or two; they are there for the sole purpose of serving you. Once you have relished your food and you are ready to leave, you get your belongings, tip the server and leave. Your expedition has come to a close. One person?s journey, however, is only just commencing. Someone has to be at the ready to clean up after you to make it pleasant for the forthcoming customer. The person in charge of this is the busboy.

In both large and small restaurants, there is usually staff required to clean up after each customer and help the restaurant staff if and when they need it.

?Bussing? is not an uncommon vocation in the United States. The ?busser,? as they are colloquially referred to sometimes, may bring drinks and snacks to the table even before the person makes a request. They will serve food if duty calls for it.

?Bussers? in general receive insufficient pay. They rely on the tips they receive a day to supplement their meager fixed weekly or hourly income.

Many who are employed in smaller, less renowned restaurants carry bus boxes with crockery and utensils piled one on top of the other to carry back to the washer with considerable ease. In high street restaurants, they carry every dish individually. Time is required for this as the busboy has to be careful and meticulous in carrying each plate.

There is an abundance of renowned people who were employed in this vocation before their careers took off.

Before he was an actor, Al Pacino was famous.

Alec Baldwin worked at Studio 54 in New York.

Vietnamese president Ho Chi Minh was also a busboy in Parker House Hotel in Boston.

Jon Stewart was a busboy at a Mexican restaurant.

Johnny Depp, well known for his role as ?Captain Jack Sparrow? in the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, was a busboy prior to his acting career.

When you are eating out next, remember that the cleanliness of your table and the area as a whole is the result of hours of work put in by busboys employed there. They make their living off tips so a generous amount left by you will be of great use to them. Besides, there is always a chance that if they become famous someday, they will recall your kindness.

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